Welcome to IATA Comet


The association IATA-COMET club was founded 01st of December 1990 by twenty four travel youngsters.

COMET is short for: Confederation of Maturing Enthusiastic Travel youngsters. The founders felt that the travel industry in Denmark was missing an organization that covered the needs of the travel trade. It is important to state, that the COMET-club is non-political and non-profit making.


The purpose of the COMET-club is to create possibilities for interaction between members and to give and spread information regarding the travel industry. This is done by offering various kinds of meetings, giving information on specific products as well as prognoses and predictions together with general considerations about what the trade will look like, and offer, in the future.

To attain the purpose, the COMET-club will in co-operation with relevant suppliers or on its own initiate various arrangements such as: panel discussions, lectures, training/courses, presentations, topic evenings, educational trips and other events.

Competition in the travel industry is becoming increasingly fierce. It is important that all COMET-activities reflect professionalism, and are conducted in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

From all of the activities, The COMET-club will draw the attention of the more senior and experienced people of the trade, proving that there is a new generation growing up. The members are ready to carry the trade into the future and meeting the many challenges with energy and an open mind.


The members must be employed in the Danish travel industry, but although the club is called IATA COMET-club, the convention accept that up to 16% of the members are employed by non IATA companies.

The COMET-club wishes only interested and active members. Therefore a control with the meeting attendance is upheld, to maintain qualification for membership.

Challenges of the future will no doubt demand an attitude exposing high activity and flexibility. Employees of the Danish travel trade will no longer be a protected tribe, people with education from other industries will integrate, inspire and set new standards.

The founders believe that members of the COMET-club are representing the future of the travel trade, is fully supported by the members.The COMET-club idea and activities could be compared to the international Junior Chamber organization, though its only for one specific industry in one country, but the concept is adaptable in other countries.